Yesterday’s Primary and What’s Coming Up Next

Tennesseans were brought one step closer to the end of the 2018 election season yesterday.

Campaigns for local offices concluded yesterday and the nominees for all state and federal offices are now set. Campaign weary candidates and voters can now rest for perhaps a week or two.

In the races with statewide implications, Republican Bill Lee and Democrat Karl Dean will face off for Governor, and Republican Marsha Blackburn will face off against Democrat Phil Bredesen for U.S. Senator.

When the Legislature reconvenes in January, we will see at least 27 new Representatives among the 99 members of the House and four new Senators among the 33 members of the Senate.

Our congratulations to all who won and our thanks to all who offered themselves to us for our consideration. Choosing to run for office in our current climate is not an easy thing.

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