World Health Organization Redefines ‘Transgender’ Condition

The World Health Organization is no longer labeling “transgenderism” as a mental illness in its latest International Classification of Diseases, ICD-11, which was approved at the end of May. What used to be termed “gender identity disorder” will now be referred to as “gender incongruence” and will now be found in the sexual health chapter instead of the chapter on mental disorders.

A WHO representative explained, “We had a better understanding that this was not actually a mental health condition, and leaving it there was causing stigma.”

According to ICD-11, “Gender incongruence is characterized by a marked and persistent incongruence between an individual’s experienced gender and the assigned sex.” The term is the same as “gender dysphoria” used by the American Psychiatric Association.

The WHO’s latest reclassification has been met with both praise from the LGBT supporting Human Rights Watch and frustration from a group of trans activists who don’t think the definition is progressive enough.

As of now, countries have until 2022 to conform to the WHO changes.

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