Wombs for Men?

Since doctors in Sweden have been successful in transplanting wombs into women born without them, some medical professionals in the U.K., as well as some LGBT activists, are arguing that men should now have the same opportunity to experience the baby-in-the-womb phenomenon at the government’s expense. Scientists in the U.K. predict that this phenomenon could become a reality within a decade, technology and funding permitting.

While progressives rave about this brave new world idea, others note not only the burden on taxpayers, but also the moral and ethical issues of womb transplants for men.

Feminist Julie Bindel, former assistant director of the Research Centre on Violence, Abuse, and Gender Relations at Leeds Metropolitan University, notes, “This is not about transgender rights—it’s about a twisted notion as to what constitutes a ‘real woman.’” The co-editor of the Conservative Woman, Laura Perrins, says it “will impinge on the meaning of motherhood and womanhood.”

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