Vote Common Good Campaign Trying to Swing Congress to Democratic Side

Minnesota pastor Doug Paggit of Solomon’s Porch is leading a new campaign of mostly left-leaning Christian leaders who are encouraging Christians to vote Democrat to unseat Republican members of Congress in the November election.

“[W]e are saying to a lot of these voters who voted Republican in the past that maybe it is time to offer your vote on behalf of someone else and to not only think of your own self interest when you vote,” Pagitt explained.

The Vote Common Good website says, “We want to dislodge control of Congress from the Republican Party on November 6th, because we believe that this would most directly affect common good in our country . . . We want to invite and help voters of faith, our brothers and sisters in so called “’red districts,’” to rise up and vote the heart of our shared faith—faith in our spiritual traditions, our country, and one another.”

The campaign, which began October 2 in Pennsylvania, includes more than 10 states and a total of 34 congressional districts. States left on the tour include Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, and California before its November 2 finish.

Vote Common Good, whose motto is “from fear to faith for the common good,” objects to the Trump administration’s policies on refugees, health care, immigration, and the 2017 tax overhaul and poverty.

Those expected to speak on the tour include Brian McLaren, Frank Schaeffer, Shane Claiborne, John Pavlovitz, Rob Schenck, and Jacqui Lewis, a minister who advocates for LGBT and racial equality.

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