Victoria, Australia Okays Assisted Suicide

The Australian state of Victoria just legalized assisted suicide. Starting in mid-2019, Victorians with terminal, incurable illnesses who have been residents of the state for a year or more will be able to obtain a lethal drug within 10 days of a request.

The legalization of euthanasia in Victoria is good news for Australian-born Dr. Philip Nitschke, founder of Exit International and creator of the new death machine known as the Sarco. This spaceship-like contraption floods patients within its luxurious capsule with liquid nitrogen. The patients experience a relatively fast and painless death. The whole operation will be open-source and could theoretically be 3-D printed anywhere in the world. Nitschke is in talks with suicide clinics in Switzerland to license the machine.

This new technology could lead to offering death on demand in the future in those countries that have already legalized assisted suicide for terminal illnesses. Hopefully, the rest of the states in Australia won’t follow suit but instead will offer its citizens more reasons to live than to die.

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