Use of State Family Planning Funding (SB 2148 / HB 2251)

Seeks to ensure that entities that promote or support elective abortions do not benefit directly or indirectly from state funding.

Bill Analysis

According to the Department of Finance and Administration almost $1 million in state funding over the last five years went to entities such as Planned Parenthood that perform elective abortions. The funding in question is in the form of family planning grants from the federal government. The federal rules do not exclude abortion providers from receiving the grants, therefore the bill directs the commissioner of F&A to submit a request for a waiver to exclude such entities in the distribution of those funds. While such waivers were not approved by the Obama administration, there is some hope that the Trump administration would take a different approach.

Bill Sponsors

Bell in the Senate
Matlock in the House

Bill Status

Signed by the Governor, Public Chapter 682.

Full Text: Senate Bill / House Bill