Use of State Family Planning Funding – Prioritizing Entities (SB 2494 / HB 2262)

Seeks to ensure that entities that promote or support elective abortions do not benefit directly or indirectly from state funding.

Bill Analysis

The intent of this legislation is similar to that of SB 2148/HB 2251, which is to eliminate family planning funds from going to entities that provide elective abortions such as Planned Parenthood. This bill would place into law the method implemented by the Haslam administration to prioritize entities receiving these funds with entities such as Planned Parenthood being awarded the funds only as a last resort if there is no other qualified entity to perform the required services.

Bill Sponsors

Johnson in the Senate
Dunn in the House

Bill Status

Signed by Governor 4/9/18, Public Chapter 660.

Full Text: Senate Bill / House Bill