TN Supreme Court Restrains Itself in Election Decision

The special election for Mayor of Nashville to replace Megan Barry will be held on May 24 instead of August 2, according to Tuesday’s ruling of the Tennessee Supreme Court overturning the decision of the Davidson County Election Commission and a subsequent Chancery Court ruling. What is positive about the ruling is that the Supreme Court affirmed that it could not look at the “consequences” of certain interpretations of the applicable law and “declined” Metro’s “invitation” to “judicially amend” the law!

As a result of the ruling, the filing deadline was reopened until noon on April 12 and the new withdrawal deadline is now noon on April 19.

At this time, the candidates include Acting Mayor David Briley, At-Large Metro Council member Erica Gilmore, state Rep. Harold Love Jr., Ludye Wallace, former talk radio host Ralph Bristol, former Vanderbilt professor Carol Swain, and several more.

Whoever wins the special mayoral election will serve only until the August 2019 general metropolitan election.

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