Unplanned Movie Gets Major Financial Boost

My Pillow inventor Mike Lindell recently gave $1 million to help produce the pro-life film Unplanned, the story of former Planned Parenthood clinic director turned pro-life leader Abby Johnson. “I’m pro-life and I’m happy to do it,” Lindell said, who has a cameo in the film. “I don’t get into things for the money; I get into them if the message is right.”

The film, largely shot in secret because of the controversial subject matter, stars Ashley Bratcher as Johnson, and Bratcher admits she would have been aborted if her mother had not chosen life at the last minute. “I was just seconds away from not existing,” she explains.

Rather than being a simple biopic, the film about Johnson is an important testimony for our current culture. Says Johnson, “We have been given a false narrative by our secular media that tells us that the abortion industry is ‘safe, sanitary and provides high-quality health care for women.’ The only way to effectively combat that myth is by revealing the true stories and the real horror that is taking place behind those clinic walls.”

Unplanned, made by the creators of the box office hits God’s Not Dead and I Can Only Imagine, is slated for release March 2019.

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