Twitter Blocks Then Unblocks Congressman Blackburn’s Campaign Video

Congressman Marsha Blackburn’s campaign to run for Corker’s open U.S. Senate seat hit a temporary snag this week. On Monday Twitter censored U.S. Rep. Marsha Blackburn’s campaign video in which she said she “stopped the sale of baby body parts,” because it considered the phrase “an inflammatory statement that is likely to evoke a strong negative reaction.” Blackburn was sharing the results of her leadership of a select House committee that investigated Planned Parenthood’s sale of fetal tissue.

Twitter suggested that Blackburn edit that comment out of her campaign video, which had been viewed by more than 80,000 YouTubers at that point, and then it would be put back up on Twitter. Blackburn refused. “While we are being censored, Planned Parenthood continues to push their propaganda across the country,” Blackburn said.

Only days later, the social media platform lifted the ban on Blackburn’s content. Twitter noted it would consider revising its censorship policy in the future.

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