Trump Picks Constitutionalist Brett Kavanaugh to Replace Justice Kennedy

On Monday night, President Trump nominated Judge Brett Kavanaugh to fill Justice Anthony Kennedy’s open seat on the U.S. Supreme Court. How does Kavanaugh stack up as a conservative constitutionalist?

Some conservative voices, like the Daily Signal and Family Research Council, deem Kavanaugh a wise choice. Said FRC’s Tony Perkins, “Judge Kavanaugh has a long and praiseworthy history of judging as an originalist, and we look forward to having a justice with his philosophical approach on the Court.”

But there are other conservative voices that have some reservations. The American Family Association originally opposed Kavanaugh in favor of Judge Amy Coney Barrett but since Trump’s decision has opted to “allow the process to play out.” As AFA’s Bryan Fisher explains, “Kavanaugh has impeccable legal credentials but is undoubtedly an establishment guy. His commitment to precedent seems to make Roe immune to reversal for another generation, which may be why Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski, for whom Roe is the Holy Grail, seem inclined to vote for him.”

While FACT doesn’t endorse candidates, FACT President David Fowler also expressed some concern but noted that being Catholic, Kavanaugh “might be a bit more constrained on religious liberty and abortion as the rest of the Catholics on the Court, other than Sotomayor. Maybe Alito and Thomas can keep him ‘catholic’ on those two issues.”

To judge for yourself, Alliance Defending Freedom has a thorough report card on Kavanaugh.

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