Betsy Ross Flag

True Meaning of the Betsy Ross Flag

Nike sparked a controversy last week when the company attempted on July 4 to launch its new patriotic sneaker, the Air Max 1 USA, that featured a Revolutionary War-era Betsy Ross flag on the heels.

That is, until Colin Kaepernick said it was racist and Nike pulled the product.

But is the Betsy Ross flag really racist because it points to a time of slavery, as Kaepernick insinuates, or is this debate just another example of leftist propaganda taking social media by storm? Is the flag something we should liken to the Nazi swastika as Georgetown professor Michael Eric Dyson believes? Never mind that this same flag was flown during Obama’s 2nd inauguration. Liberals are all too careful not to mention that.

To set the record straight, the American Family Association wrote an article recently that explains the history of this important flag. Betsy Ross was an abolitionist who never had slaves, and the 13 stars in a circle on the flag represent the 13 colonies unified as one under liberty. While some prominent African-American commentators today decry it, earlier history shows that Peter Salem, a free African-American, fought for this same flag during the Revolutionary war in the battle at Bunker Hill.

The moral of this story? You can’t believe everything you hear from the mainstream media. Check out the facts. Look back at history. And then stand for what is true and what is right, no matter the opposition.

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