Texas Town Defiantly Displays Crosses on Courthouse

Residents of Coldspring, Texas, are fighting back against Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) by illuminating their San Jacinto County courthouse crosses at night.

Last week FFRF sent a letter to Judge Fritz Faulkner about the four crosses that are displayed year-round saying, “These crosses unabashedly create the perception of government endorsement of Christianity, making non-Christian and nonbelieving residents of Coldspring political outsiders.”

The atheist group hoped to put enough pressure on the Texas judge that the town would be forced to take down the crosses. But this small, rural town near Houston decided to fight back. After a three-hour public comment period attended by more than 600 people in a town of fewer than 900 people, the County Commissioners Court voted unanimously to not only keep the four white crosses, but to also illuminate them.

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