Tennessee Pro-Life Law Makes Ultrasound Available to Pregnant Women

This week a new Tennessee law went into effect that requires an abortionist who performs an ultrasound before an abortion to offer the pregnant woman seeking the abortion the opportunity to learn the results. If she opts to know the results, the new law requires that she be advised of whether or not a heartbeat was detected. Abortion providers must also include in an annual report to the Department of Health the number of such ultrasounds where a fetal heartbeat was detected.

While the new law does not require an ultrasound, as required in 13 other states, it is at least another way to encourage pregnant women to keep their babies instead of aborting.

Republican Rep. Micah Van Huss, the bill’s sponsor, noted during debate on the bill that he was unapologetically pro-life. “My concern is not with the emotional health of a person seeking an abortion,” he said. “My concern is with the physical health of the baby inside.”

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