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Birth Control App Lets Teens Purchase Pills Without Parental Authority

Teens as young as 12 can purchase birth control and abortifacients without parental knowledge, without local physician oversight, and without the need for insurance, thanks to a new phone app called Nurx. Called the “uber of birth control,” Nurx claims on the app to be “affordable,” “easy,” and “safe and secure,” making it that much more tempting for at-risk adolescents and young adults to purchase what they think is a simple and safe pill.

Interestingly, the app doesn’t use terms like “abortion” or “terminate a pregnancy” when referencing its product line. It only uses the terms “birth control” or “emergency contraception,” even though it offers both Plan B and Ella, which are types of “morning after” abortion pills. Without further research, some young women might not realize they could be buying a chemical abortion.

Dr. Patricia Lee June of the American College of Pediatricians Board of Directors warns, “Nurx wrongly excludes those who know the child and her health history best—her parents and her physician, and places the full responsibility for a life-changing healthcare decision on a girl’s shoulders.”

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