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The Left’s Latest Identity Politics-Driven College Courses

The Young America’s Foundation recently reported on the results of its survey of the course catalogs from 50 institutions of higher education. It found a new wave of courses on identity politics. Calling this trend “intersectionality,” Young America’s Foundation says in the summary of its report, “[S]tudents are coddled and treated as a victim in need of special accommodation in order to cope with a world fraught with concocted dangers including microaggressions and cultural appropriation.”

Here are titles of just some of these left-leaning courses: “Queering God: Feminist and Queen Theology” and “What Gay Sounds Like: Linguistics of LBGTQ Communities” at Swarthmore College, “Zombies: Modern Myths, Race, and Capitalism” at DePaul University, and “Racial Capitalism” at Williams College.

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