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Ben and Jerry’s Displays Solidarity for Same-Sex ‘Marriage’

Saying that “love comes in all flavors,” Ben & Jerry’s has banned orders of two scoops of the same flavor ice cream in Australia until it legalizes same-sex “marriage.”

Dr. Michael Brown thinks the company’s logic is lacking. “Will they ban three-scoop cones of any flavor until Australia legalizes throuples? . . . and will the company ban one scoop of one flavor plus two scoops of another flavor until Australia legalizes polygamy?”

Dr. Brown posits that Ben & Jerry’s scoop ban actually points to the uniqueness of biblical marriage: Two scoops of the same flavor, representing same-sex “marriage,” just means more of the same, while two scoops of a different flavor, representing men and women in a God-ordained marriage, brings something new and unique.

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