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Michigan Man Supports Christian Family Banned From Farmer’s Market

We recently reported that East Lansing, Mich., city officials banned Christian farmers Steve and Bridget Tennes from selling produce at the local farmer’s market because they refused to host a same-sex “wedding” at their farm in nearby Charlotte.

Since then, another Michigan farmer, Kyle Barnhart, decided that enough was enough and called East Lansing city officials to decry this discrimination of the Tennes’ based on their religious beliefs. Barnhart added, “If they didn’t change their policy to include them, I was going to have this sign made out and I was going to hang it up so that people could drive by and see it.”

And that is exactly what Barnhart did. His sign, plastered on a barn, simply says, “The City of East Lansing discriminates against farmers.” Barnhart promises he won’t take his sign down as long as East Lansing keeps discriminating.

East Lansing claims the Tennes family violated their city’s SOGI law, but city officials have forgotten that the small town of Charlotte, Mich., does not have a SOGI law. ADF lawyer Kate Anderson argues that East Lansing has no jurisdiction over the town of Charlotte and cannot tell the Tennes family what to do on their own farm.

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