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Too Scared to Have Kids Because of Climate Change

While many liberals say no to having kids as a “pro-choice” decision, a group of about 60 British women and men have banded together and vowed not to have children as an environmental response.

The movement, called BirthStrike, founded by 33-year-old Blythe Pepino, has decided “not to bear children due to the severity of the ecological crisis and the current inaction of governing forces in the face of this existential threat.”

Group member Alice Brown says, “I am depressed every day because of the ecological crisis and I’m terrified of passing this burden on to a child . . . I’m 24 and instead of dreaming about my career and family, I’m burdened with the disease we’ve created. My decision not to have a child I truly feel is a necessity not a choice.”

This hopelessness brought on by the fear of an overwhelming impending extinction-level event is what can happen when humanism as the basis of one’s belief system fails. But when our hope is in the providence of a sovereign God who loves the world He created, denying His creational mandate to be fruitful and multiply cannot be the answer.

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