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Use of State Family Planning Funding (SB 2148 / HB 2251)

Seeks to ensure that entities that promote or support elective abortions do not benefit directly or indirectly from state funding.

Bill Analysis

According to the Department of Finance and Administration almost $1 million in state funding over the last five years went to entities such as Planned Parenthood that perform elective abortions. The funding in question is in the form of family planning grants from the federal government. The federal rules do not exclude abortion providers from receiving the grants, therefore the bill directs the commissioner of F&A to submit a request for a waiver to exclude such entities in the distribution of those funds. While such waivers were not approved by the Obama administration, there is some hope that the Trump administration would take a different approach.

Bill Sponsors

Bell in the Senate
Matlock in the House

Bill Status

Signed by the Governor, Public Chapter 682.

Full Text: Senate Bill / House Bill

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Private Professional Organizations Ethics Codes (SB 449 / HB 566)


Requires all boards and commissions that currently implement an ethics code developed by a private professional or business association to submit any changes to those codes by those private associations for approval by the House and Senate Committee on Government Operations.


This bill addresses a loophole in Tennessee law. Ethics codes and regulations on a profession can have the effect of law if they are violated. Right now, some state-created governing boards permanently adopt, in toto, ethics codes developed by private organizations, meaning that if the private organization changes its code, then state law automatically changes in Tennessee law even though the change in law was never voted on or approved by Tennessee voters or their elected representatives.

This bill restores the democratic principle that the power to create state law cannot be delegated to or exercised by outside, private organizations unaccountable to the people or their elected representatives.


Bell in the Senate, Howell in the House


Full Text: Senate Bill / House Bill


Signed by the Governor 4/28/17. Public Chapter 215.


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FACT ‘Profoundly Disappointed’ That ‘Bathroom Bill’ Will Not Proceed in Legislature

FRANKLIN, Tenn. (April 18, 2016) – The following statement regarding House Bill 2414, the “bathroom bill,” can be attributed to FACT President David Fowler:

“We are thankful that Rep. Susan Lynn and Sen. Mike Bell brought the bill and we appreciate their efforts in past weeks in the face of consistent opposition from the governor’s office and others, but we join the thousands of parents across the state who are profoundly disappointed that at this point in the process Rep. Lynn has decided not to proceed with a bill that would have simply protected the privacy of the children they have entrusted to our public schools.

“We are grateful for the legislators who said they would take the bill from Rep. Lynn this year and continue to push it forward; however, it was not to be. We trust that one of them will do so next year. If so, we stand ready to assist, even as we have tried to do on the legislation this year.

“In the meantime, we would encourage citizens to monitor the policies of their local school systems and demand that their schools defend the privacy of students if threatened with lawsuits, as has already happened with one local school system.”

The Family Action Council of Tennessee (FACT), which Fowler heads, was formed in 2006 by a group of citizens concerned about the growing negative impact of public policies on marriage, families, life, and religious liberty. FACT’s mission is to equip Tennesseans and their elected officials to effectively promote and defend a culture that values God’s design for the family, for the sake of the common good. For more information, visit

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