Study Shows the Financial Impact of Religion on Society

Those who think religious organizations in America don’t help the economy should consider the latest statistics from “The Socio-economic Contribution of Religion to American Society: An Empirical Analysis,” a 2016 study by Brian J. Grim of Georgetown University and Melissa E. Grim of Newseum Institute.

According to the researchers, 40 percent of the top 50 charities in the United States are faith-based, with a combined operating revenue of $45.3 billion. Religious businesses, institutions, and congregations contribute $1.2 trillion to the U.S. economy every year. And in the past 15 years, despite the decline in religious affiliation in America, religious organizations have tripled the amount of money spent on social programs to benefit society.

Instead of religion being irrelevant, as some atheist organizations have tried to prove, religion in America is actually a dominant force for good. But then that’s really nothing new to members of the religious community.

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