Study Shows Cross-Sex Hormones Cause Heart Problems

According to a January study from the Netherlands, administering cross-sex hormones (giving estrogen to gender-confused boys and testosterone to gender-confused girls) is not the safe solution the medical community and trans activists have been touting for those with gender dysphoria.

The long-term effects of using this kind of sex-change therapy can lead to increased risk of heart attack, stroke, and deep vein thrombosis. Men transitioning to a female appearance through cross-sex hormones suffered more than twice as many heart attacks as women, and nearly twice as many strokes and 4.5 times as many deep vein clots as men not seeking to transition their appearance. While the researchers found no statistical differences with respect to strokes and deep vein clots for women transitioning to a male appearance, they did find those women suffered almost four times as many heart attacks as did women not “transitioning.”

A 2018 George Washington University study also found a connection between this kind of hormone therapy and cardiovascular disease.

In a related development, Brown University has reposted a virtually unchanged 2018 study by Dr. Lisa Littman that showed rapid onset gender dysphoria was merely a psychological condition triggered by peer pressure rather than biology. Brown University was pressured by trans activists to take the research down as part of a post-publication review.

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