Students for Life Surprises Pregnant Teen With Graduation Ceremony

High school senior Maddi Runkles got pregnant out of wedlock and for that she was temporarily suspended from her Christian school, removed from leadership roles, and not allowed to attend her Heritage Academy graduation.

Instead of choosing abortion, Runkles chose to keep the baby and she chose to voluntarily tell the whole student body that she sinned by having sex before marriage.

For these brave moves, Students for Life honored the 4.0 student recently by giving her a graduation ceremony at a Methodist church near her home, at which she was provided $16,000 in scholarship funds and 7,000 messages of support.

For Believers who question whether one should support an out-of-wedlock teen, Kristen Hawkins, president of Students for Life, explains, “Over half of women who have abortions identify as Christians and more than 40 percent of those are regular churchgoers.” Hawkins hopes to inspire Christian schools to “reexamine their treatment of pregnant students.”

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