Statement on Federal Judge Granting Minors Access to ‘Morning-After’ Pill without Prescription

FRANKLIN, Tenn. (April 5, 2013) —David Fowler, President of The Family Action Council of Tennessee, made the following statement in response to U.S. District Judge Edward Korman in Brooklyn, N.Y., ordering the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to make the “morning-after” pill available to girls of all ages without a prescription:

“This ruling is another attack on the integrity of the family unit, an unsafe disregard for individual and public health, and a tyrannical usurpation of the legislative branch’s constitutional prerogative to make public policy.

“The judge’s ruling shows an utter disregard for the important role parents play in their upbringing of their children. It drives just one more wedge between a parent and child, treating children as autonomous individuals from the time they are physically able to conceive.

“And by allowing a minor to access this drug without the consent of a parent or even the benefit of a physician’s counsel, the judge has put the sexual health of young girls at even greater risk. It is outrageous for one federal judge to determine that a minor needs no adult or medical input regarding sexual activity when the latest data (for 2008) from the Centers for Disease Control reports 19,700,000 new STIs in one year, with most of them among young men and women aged 15-25. Making Plan B available over-the-counter for any age will put many young girls at increased risk because it circumvents the kind of medical screening and advice that sexually active young girls need.

“That this federal judge believes he can trump the policy making process created by Congress for the regulation of medications deserves condemnation by every member of Congress. His actions are an affront not only to them but, more importantly, to the people who have entrusted to Congress, not federal judges, the enactment and execution of the policies that are to govern us.”

The Family Action Council of Tennessee, which Fowler heads, was formed in 2006 by a group of citizens concerned about the growing negative impact of public policies on the family. FACT’s mission is to equip Tennesseans and their elected officials to effectively promote and defend a culture that values the traditional family, for the sake of the common good. For more information, visit