Soros-Backed Poynter Institute Tries to Censor Conservatives

At the end of April, the journalism institute that trains reporters and writers, the Poynter Institute, published a list of 515 “unreliable” websites including some 29 conservative news outlets like Breitbart, The Daily Signal, Judicial Watch, LifeSiteNews, Red State, The Blaze, and the Washington Examiner. The report was compiled by Barrett Golding, who, not surprisingly, works for the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Due to backlash from angry readers and the news organizations who felt like they didn’t belong on the list, the institute pulled the list off its website on May 2, apologized, and promised to revise the criteria for censorship with more rigorous methodology. Said Poynter Managing Editor Barbara Allen, “We regret that we failed to ensure that the data was rigorous before publication, and apologize for the confusion and agitation caused by its publication. We pledge to continue to hold ourselves to the highest standards.”

The apology is simply not good enough for The Daily Signal according to its Editor-in-Chief Katrina Trinko. “If you don’t like The Daily Signal because you don’t believe in free speech or you think conservatives should be silent or you just don’t want certain stories told or it makes you upset that we call unborn babies ‘babies’ instead of ‘fetuses,’ fine. It’s a free country. But to smear us as engaging in dishonest journalism is well … dishonest journalism. And that’s what just happened,” Trinko said.

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