Sociologist Challenges Findings of Adult-Minor Sex Research

University of Texas at Austin sociology professor Mark Regnerus is challenging psychologist Bruce Rind’s recently published finding that there was no long-term regret, shame, or other negative reactions resulting from sexual relationships between adults and minors. Regnerus contends that Rind’s research and analysis are flawed because of the small sample size as well as his reliance on dated and previously refuted information. Rind’s original research on sex between minors and adults 20 years ago was openly condemned by the American Psychological Association and both houses of Congress.

This time there is neither praise nor condemnation. Regnerus is, therefore, especially concerned that tacit acceptance of Rind’s “sex-positive” research can lead to a slippery slope. “Downstream from documenting something becomes acceptability, which becomes something that’s legal,” he notes. “I don’t know that we’ll ever legalize this sort of thing. I pray not. But there is a bridge being built in that direction.”

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