Shout Your Abortion Co-Founder to Release Children’s Book

The co-founder of the pro-choice #ShoutYourAbortion social media campaign that is attempting to put a positive spin on murdering children in the womb teamed up with Seattle-based HiHo Kids to produce a YouTube video in which children ask her questions about her abortion.

In the video, Amelia Bonow compares the abortion procedure to “a crappy dentist appointment.” Bonow goes on to say that she believes “life begins when a person has a baby,” not at conception, and that abortion “is all part of God’s plan.”

Bonow is the author of the book Shout Your Abortion and plans a children’s book about abortion in 2020.

While the secular media, including Oprah’s O Magazine, is promoting Bonow’s activism and the pro-choice narrative, there is a conservative counter-movement called Silent No More that details the regrets of women who have had abortions. Pro-life activist Alveda King is one of the movement’s spokespersons.

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