Seattle-Area Church Fights Elective Abortions in Health Insurance Plan

A Washington state law requires employers who provide maternity care in their health insurance plan to also cover elective abortions with no religious exemption, a fact that Cedar Park Church, near Seattle, believes violates its religious liberty.

“What we are defending and standing for are the rights of people of faith to not be forced into being complicit to something that is inconsistent with our faith,” says Jay Smith, senior pastor of Cedar Park Church.

If the church doesn’t provide abortion along with maternity care in its group health insurance, it could result in fines or possibly jail sentences.

Alliance Defending Freedom has filed a lawsuit on behalf of the church.

“To coerce a church into funding abortions—and especially to coerce a conscientious objector into funding elective, optional abortions that are not medically necessary—is simply an example of the state attempting to dominate the citizens it exists to serve,” says Catherine Glenn Foster, the president and CEO of Americans United for Life.

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