Science Teacher Comes Out as ‘Transgender’ Via Video to Elementary Students

Science teacher Mark “Vince” Busenbark of Frank Allis Elementary School in Madison, Wis., was given permission by school administrators to show his “transgender coming out” video to all the K-5th grade students in the school on May 16. The video was shown without prior parental consent and without the option to exempt chidren from watching the video.

Busenbark revealed himself as the new persona “Vica Steel,” asked students to call him by the title “Mx,” and to refer to him by using the pronouns “they,” “them,” and “their.” He also read this from the book They Call Me Mix by Lourdes Rivas: “Are you a boy? Or a girl? How can you be both? Some days I am both. Some days I am neither. Most days, I am everything in between.” Sadly, Busenbark has a wife, Stella Steel, whose last name he will now be using.

Liberty Counsel is looking into whether the video violated the school district’s policy that says “all instruction should be age-appropriate, medically accurate, non-stigmatizing, and inclusive for all students.”

In a statement, Mat Staver of Liberty Counsel said, “It is outrageous that school administrators would allow a male science teacher to expose children to propaganda that promotes confusion about basic biology, and to instruct students to address him by a false name, title and pronouns.”

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