Sad Day as Ireland Becomes First Nation to Vote for Abortion

Last Friday, more than 66 percent of Ireland’s citizens voted through a referendum to repeal their country’s Eighth Amendment, which had protected the rights of the unborn since it was originally adopted in 1983.

Now that protection for the unborn has been repealed in the Emerald Isle, legislation authorizing abortion on demand is expected to be filed soon.

Federalist writer John Daniel Davidson says, “[L]iberalism divorced from Christianity means nothing less than the reintroduction of the pagan brutality of Rome and Tenochtitlan, where life was cheap and the lives of the weakest were the cheapest.”

Adds John Waters, an Irish writer for First Things, “For the first time in history, a nation has voted to strip the right to life from the unborn.”

Whereas America and other countries made abortion legal through either a judicial decision or a parliamentary decree, in Ireland, the vote of the Irish people made the decision to murder the unborn.

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