Reviewing Some Bills Before Next Week’s Filing Deadline

The General Assembly is slowly gaining steam; the deadline for filing proposed legislation is next week. Most of the House and Senate committees met this week, although only a few bills have been heard.

Next week’s action will be much of the same, but in the next week or so we expect legislators to start placing their bills “on notice,” the term used to described the process by which a legislator tells a committee chair to put his or her bill on a committee calendar so that it can be debated.

In reviewing the bills filed to this point, we have found a few of interest, including the Fetal Heartbeat Bill. We will have more details on bills of interest on our website once the filing deadline passes and we have reviewed each bill. The most important of these bills will be highlighted and explained at our State Legislative Issues Briefing on March 7th.

Next week, we will begin visiting with legislative leadership to make them aware of the bills we will be working on and seek their support. We will also visit with legislators who have filed bills that would appear to negatively affect marriage and the family, life, or religious liberty. The purpose is to make sure we understand the bill sponsor’s intent correctly and if so, to begin a dialogue that will hopefully result in satisfactory revisions.

Will Burns is FACT’s Public Policy Director.

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