photo of autumn lake with words Restoring the Vision

What is the point of being a Christian? What are we “saved” for? What is a biblical worldview? And what is a biblical worldview “for” anyway? If you ever asked yourself these questions, if you ever felt like there should be something “more” to being a Christian than being good and going to heaven, if you want a greater sense of purpose this side of heaven, then come to Restoring the Vision.

Restoring the Vision, a new, half-day biblical worldview seminar this fall, is the culmination of one man’s journey of grappling with his purpose and the biblical truths that set him free to travel down a new path with his life.

“I grew up in evangelical churches, but it wasn’t until the 1990s, in my 30s, that God began to break through the humdrum cycle of going to work to practice law and going to church to do my ‘Christian thing,’” says FACT President David Fowler. “Once you were saved, Christianity seemed to me more or less about living a morally clean life and otherwise getting along in life the best one could with as much of God’s blessing as possible until you got to heaven.”

David will share the foundational biblical truths woven throughout God’s Word from Genesis to Revelation that apply to every Christian’s life but that he’d never heard presented in a comprehensive way that made everything “hang together.” It altered the course of his life and continues to change the way he looks at everything.

But these foundational biblical truths aren’t “new” or “newly discovered. They provided a vision for Christendom that transformed cultures and birthed Western Civilization, a vision that has largely faded within the American church.

Restoring the Vision is about rediscovering the truths that lie at the heart of a truly biblical worldview, restoring the vision that flows from them, and applying them in your everyday life. 

Restoring the Vision 2017

FACT President David Fowler did a wonderful job teaching important concepts to more than 100 attendees at the Restoring the Vision half-day biblical worldview seminar.