How Pro-Lifers Should Engage the Abortion Industry

Pro-life advocates protesting outside a Kentucky abortion clinic have been in the news lately partly because the screaming tactics of the group’s leader have been perceived by pro-abortion advocates as threatening.

Former Planned Parenthood worker Abby Johnson explains that such harsh methods often don’t work on desperate women seeking an abortion at a clinic. In fact, they just might make a woman turn to the abortion clinic because she views it as the “safer” choice.

Says Johnson in an article for The Federalist, “I am part of a movement that loves women into conversation and conversion. I am part of the pro-woman movement. I recognize that a baby cannot be saved unless we reach the hearts of the women walking into abortion facilities exactly like the one I used to work in. I do not believe we will ever win hearts through intimidation or illegal tactics. We won’t be able to help women if we scare them.”

Johnson advocates for truth with love when confronting pro-choicers. So far, she has helped 360 abortion workers leave their baby killing profession through her ministry And Then There Were None.

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