Privacy Wins in North Carolina

A recent North Carolina primary race and a new national business report show it’s not political or economic suicide to support privacy rights by requiring men and women to use locker rooms and bathrooms based on their biological sex, not subjective states of mind. Doing so will not result in the dire economic consequences claimed by the Left.

From an economic perspective, the truth is that North Carolina’s privacy bill, HB 2, did not put a damper on that state’s economy. Earlier this year a Forbes report ranked North Carolina number one for Best State for Business. As we have previously reported, business and tourism statistics for 2016, the year HB 2 was in effect, showed similar positive outcomes.

Politically, N.C. Sen. Dan Bishop, the chief Senate sponsor of HB 2, overwhelmingly defeated a primary challenger, Beth Monaghan, who made HB 2 the keystone of her campaign.

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