Prayer Censored From Graduation Remarks

Moriah Bridges of Pennsylvania’s Beaver High School was looking forward to praying for her classmates as part of her June 2 closing exercise at her high school graduation. But the Beaver Area School District would not allow it because the young student wanted to make references to God, Lord, and Jesus in her prayer. The district considered her statement unlawful and unconstitutional, and the school principal sent her a letter explaining the decision only days before her graduation.

Said Bridges, “I was shocked that the school said my personal remarks broke the law and I was saddened that I could not draw upon my Christian identity to express my best wishes for my classmates on what should’ve been the happiest day of high school.”

Bridges abided by the decision but contacted First Liberty Institute, which handles First Amendment cases. Attorney Jeremy Dys is hoping to meet with school officials soon to address this action that he states “fails the test of the First Amendment, but so far none have responded.

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