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The bill prohibits receiving anything of value for an aborted fetus or fetal remains, including reimbursement for costs associated with the transfer and preservation of the fetus or remains.

The bill revises the reporting requirements for abortion clinics and physicians. Within 10 days of an abortion, a report must be filed to the office of vital records that shall include:

  • The method of abortion used
  • Which method authorized by the Board of Health’s rules was used to dispose of the remains
  • If the remains were transferred to a 3rd party, the name, date, and address of the 3rd party.


This bill combines some of the elements of SB 2522 and SB 1985 by tightening reporting requirements and further clarifying the prohibition against receiving money or anything of value for an aborted fetus or fetal tissue.

As with SB 2522, the legality of prohibiting even “reasonable costs” of transferring fetal tissue is questionable, since it is explicitly permitted under federal law.



Passed House 79-9 and Senate 28-2. Signed into law by Gov. Haslam.


Senate Bill / House Bill
Sponsor(s): Norris in the Senate, McCormick in the House