gender symbols


Requires students in public education institutions to use restrooms and locker rooms that are assigned to persons of the same sex as shown on the students’ original birth certificates.


Bill is on solid legal ground under Title IX and all recent case law. It would protect a student’s right to privacy and safety. It preserves parental authority and fosters a safer environment, more conducive to learning and education.

The bill also protects schools and school districts from potential tort liability from an invasion of privacy claim by students subjected to being seen in an unclothed or partially unclothed state by a member of the opposite sex in an intimate environment (bathroom, locker room, changing area, etc.) that was ordered by the school district.



Passed the Senate and House Education Committees. Sponsor Rep. Susan Lynn decided not to pursue the bill further prior to a vote by the House Finance Committee.


Senate Bill / House Bill
Sponsor(s): Bell in the Senate, Lynn in the House