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Prohibits the state board from including religious doctrine in the curriculum standards for grades prior to grades 10 through 12.

Requires the state board to provide curriculum standards for grades 10, 11, and 12 that teach comparative religion as it relates to history or geography, but no religion shall be emphasized or focused on over another religion.


Similar to SB 2186 as it seeks to ensure that one religion is not given preferential treatment and that no religious doctrine is taught to younger students.

The bill attempts to preserve parental rights to raise their child in accordance with their religious beliefs without interference from a school or teacher possibly teaching beliefs or doctrines counter to what the child is learning at home.

Raises practical questions as to what constitutes a “religious doctrine.” Is a statement that Christians believe Jesus is God a “religious doctrine”? If that can’t be taught how will Jesus be characterized? Since Christianity more than any other religion shaped Western Civilization and the American founding, will its role have to be diminished to avoid charges that it is being “emphasized” over another religion?



Never presented in committee in deference to SB 2186/HB 1905, which passed.


Senate Bill / House Bill
Sponsor(s): Hensley in the Senate, Butt in the House