Senate Bill / House Bill
Sponsor(s): Kyle in the Senate, Hardaway in the House


This bill pertains to assisted suicide: As introduced, authorizes the Department of Health to make available for public inspection on its website the names and other information from the registry of persons who have abused, neglected, misappropriated, or exploited the property of vulnerable individuals. Amends TCA Title 39, Chapter 13 and Title 68, Chapter 11. An amendment completely rewrites the bill to change its purpose as introduced to one that allows for a physician-assisted suicide.


This bill was deferred in the House and Senate. The Senate Health Committee had a hearing on the bill on June 9. There may be an effort to push for a vote on the bill in the next legislative session.


Read the testimony of David Fowler, FACT president, and the testimony of David Stevens, Executive Director for the American Academy of Medical Ethics.

The original bill did not deal with assisted suicide, but an amendment offered late in the session converted it to one authorizing assisted suicide. The push is at the request of John Jay Hooker, who has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. Mr. Hooker has also since filed a lawsuit claiming that the prohibition on assisted suicide violates the state constitution.