Planned Parenthood Targets Pregnant Black Women in Tasteless Tweet

The abortion giant has shown its eugenics underbelly in a recent tweet campaign targeted to black women. The tweet from PP Black Community reads, “If you’re a Black woman in America, it’s statistically safer to have an abortion than to carry a pregnancy to term or give birth #ScaryStats.” Ironically, this blatant message of death was posted on Halloween.

Convincing black women that it is safer to have an abortion than to give birth is sending a message directly opposite of Planned Parenthood’s typical message of supposed “empowerment” and “inclusion.”

Alveda King, director of Civil Rights for Unborn Children and niece of Martin Luther King Jr., spoke out against the tweet by saying, “The pro-life movement stands for justice and is ‘the new civil rights movement.’ What ‘Blacks’ were for the Civil Rights Movement of the 60s, the unborn are for the Civil Rights Movement of today.”

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