Planned Parenthood Adds AI Chatbot as Part of Radical Sex Ed

Planned Parenthood has paired with technology company Work & Co. to help teens age 13-17 find the “right” answers to questions about sex through its artificial intelligence chatbot called Roo.

Information given to inquisitive teens is based on what information the young person types in or chooses from a list of FAQs as well as which of the five available genders the young person chooses.

Why, with Google answering so many of these questions already, did the abortion giant decide to come up with Roo? Simple. The AI chatbot is billed as nonjudgmental and personalized, and of course, the answers would come from Planned Parenthood’s perspective.

Parents might want to be careful about their child’s use of an app that answers questions like “What is the right age to have sex for the first time?” and “When are you no longer a virgin?” with mushy answers that basically say it’s up to the teen to decide these things.

Interestingly, Roo is unable to process questions about when life begins and the personhood of unborn babies.

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