Planned Parenthood Ad Uses Term ‘Slay’ and Lies to Gain Supporters

Hollywood director Joss Whedon, known for Buffy the Vampire Slayer and The Avengers, recently created a short film called “Unlocked” as part of an ad campaign for Planned Parenthood that portrays the supposedly grim lives of three different women without the abortion giant. The ad campaign calls pro-abortion supporters to use their “super powers to slay.”

While Whedon’s “Unlocked” video promotes Planned Parenthood’s health care services like cancer screenings, STD education, and birth control pills, research by pro-life organization Live Action reveals that Planned Parenthood ultimately provides very little in what could be deemed women’s health services, while the number of abortions they perform continues to increase.

Writes ADF’s Marissa Mayer, “Women will not die if Planned Parenthood closes its doors. It is misleading, irresponsible, and frankly, dangerous, to try to convince women otherwise.”

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