NEA Promotes Liberal Agenda at Convention

The National Education Association (NEA), which boasts 3.2 million members, wrapped up its annual convention last week, and based on resolutions and other actions, it is continuing to implement its left-leaning agenda. An example is found in an agenda item that was approved calling for the review of potential exhibitors’ materials for information that is “offensive, obscene, or in bad taste.” What is troubling is that the agenda item specifically identified three entities for “special scrutiny.” These include an ex-gay educators group that promotes reparative therapy for unwanted same-sex attractions and two creation science organizations.

Among the resolutions passed at this year’s convention were advocating for LGBT rights, tracking incidences of homophobia and “transphobia” in public schools, fostering school environments that affirm gender inclusion, opposing President Trump’s travel ban, working with legislators for universal healthcare, and supporting sanctuary cities.

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