Pennsylvania School District Shows LGBT Videos Without Parental Consent

Last April, students at Emmaus High School in Pennsylvania were forced to watch four pro-LGBT videos selected by the student-led Gay-Straight Alliance as part of the district’s “Unity Week” and “Day of Silence” activities.

These videos were shown to students without parental permission and covered such topics as marriage equality and gender fluidity. When concerned parents found out about the indoctrinating videos, the East Penn School District refused to let them see the videos.

Said Superintendent Michael Schilde, “This was student work that needs to be protected from public scrutiny.”

Liberty Counsel, which is representing the parents, is threatening legal action unless the school district provides the videos to parents.

Two of the four videos have been identified and can be viewed. The first one is the BuzzFeed-produced “9 Questions video, and the other is the YouTube-produced “Show Your Pride” video.

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