Pediatrician Considers ‘Transgender’ Ideology Child Abuse

What once was gender identity disorder and treated as a mental illness has over the years been deemed gender dysphoria and treated with transition-affirming services by a large portion of the medical community. Much of this shift is the result of pressure from the “transgender” movement to push this belief system, despite the lack of scientific evidence suggesting this technique is curative.

In her peer-reviewed paper, pediatrician Michelle Cretella, president of the American College of Pediatricians, presents eight facts that debunk the ideology behind the “transgender” movement and then offers the conclusion that such treatment of young people constitutes child abuse. “These professionals are using the myth that people are born transgender to justify engaging in massive, uncontrolled, and unconsented experimentation on children who have a psychological condition that would otherwise resolve after puberty in the vast majority of cases,” says Cretella. She further points out that professionals who refuse to support the idea of “gender transition therapy will find themselves maligned and out of a job.”

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