Oregon Lawmakers Propose Unlimited Abortions

If a bill passed by the Oregon legislature is signed by Gov. Kate Brown as expected, Oregon health insurance companies will be required to provide full coverage for abortions up until the day of delivery—for any reason—beginning January 1, 2018. The Reproductive Health Equity Act would make free abortions without limits the reality in a state that already seems to value death over life.

Whether or not some Oregon taxpayers believe abortion is morally repugnant has no bearing; all would be forced to pay. And some fear that this law would increase the amount of sex-selective abortions, which would create a population imbalance.

Writes The Federalist’s Georgi Boorman, “Ironically, the same radicals who support explicit consent for the act that creates life don’t think they need your consent to have you pay for its destruction.” Oregon already allocates $2 million of state Medicaid funds for abortions. This new bill would add another $10 million.

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