Ohio Considers Ban on Down Syndrome Abortions

Stirred by CBS News’ report that Iceland was eradicting Down Syndrome through abortion, Ohio Republican lawmakers are considering a bill that would prevent abortions in women who test positive for Down syndrome. “A lot of people with Down syndrome go on to live happy, healthy, and otherwise normal lives, and to terminate a pregnancy for that reason alone is problematic,” Ohio’s Sen. Frank LaRose, the bill’s Senate sponsor, said.

The bill would charge doctors who perform abortions after a Down syndrome diagnosis with a felony, strip those doctors of their medical licenses, and hold them liable for legal damages. The pregnant women carrying the Down syndrome babies would not be charged for any crimes.

While pro-life advocates are in support of the measure, some doctors and medical students are fighting the measure because they believe it destroys the doctor-patient bond of trust. Indiana and North Dakota have passed laws similar to the one pending in Ohio.

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