Obama-Era Transgender Military Mandate Stops April 12

Gender-confused individuals looking to join the Armed Forces with the hope that they would pay for their sex-change surgeries or provide hormone treatment to “transition” to an appearance resembling the other biological sex are going to be out of luck after April 12.

At that time, anyone diagnosed with gender dysphoria and taking hormones or who has already “transitioned” to conform their appearance to that of the other sex will not be allowed to enlist. Additionally, those already in the military who are diagnosed with gender dysphoria after April 12 will not be allowed to undertake hormone therapy or have “sex-reassignment” surgery and must serve in their biological sex.

With the final legal injunction lifted last week, the Pentagon recently approved this new Trump-approved policy that discontinues taxpayer spending (currently at nearly $8 million since 2016) for “transitioning” services. The Department of Defense’s order gives the military services 30 days to implement the new policy. Service secretaries can waive the policy on a case-by-case basis.

Heritage Foundation defense expert and retired Lieutenant General Tom Spoehr contends it would “be reckless and ill-advised to allow [transgender] individuals demonstrably at a higher risk of suicide and anxiety to join the military and be subject to the increased stresses of military duty—both for the readiness of their units and for the safety of the individual.”

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