No More Homecoming King and Queen at Penn State

Penn State University is doing away with the terms “Homecoming King” and “Homecoming Queen” because they aren’t “inclusive.” Instead, the school will crown two students of any gender persuasion with the more generic “Guide State Forward Award,” according to new rules from the Penn State Homecoming Executive Court and Royalty Committee.

As for the new homecoming court, 10 people who “capture the essence of the values [Penn State] hold[s] true as a university will be chosen, regardless of their gender, gender identity, and/or gender expression.”

Penn State’s student-run Daily Collegian conducted a poll, and so far, most disagree with the change. Of those 1,352 who took the poll, just 329 respondents voted that they agreed with the change, while 1,023 respondents disagreed.

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