No Federal Funds on Abortion Bill Fails Key Vote

A bill filed in the U.S. Senate to place a permanent prohibition on the use of federal funds for abortions failed Thursday in a key procedural vote that would have opened the way for a floor debate.

In essence, the bill, SB 109, would place the language of the Hyde Amendment, which must be reauthorized each year, permanently in the law.

The vote was mostly symbolic in that it was not expected to receive the 60 votes required, but fell short of the Republican majority’s attempt to show its resolve as a pro-life majority on the eve of the National Walk for Life. There were five Republican senators who missed the vote, including Sen. Lamar Alexander. A spokesman for Alexander indicated that he “was traveling back to Tennessee to attend to a personal matter” and that “he is pro-life and supportive of the measure.”

The bill would also have prohibited by statute the use of tax dollars to fund abortion through Obamacare insurance plans.

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